Transform Your Small Business with Easyfish CRM Solutions

Welcome to Easyfish Marketing, where our cutting-edge CRM solutions are meticulously crafted for small businesses and contractors like yours. We understand the challenges you face in maintaining a smooth flow of communication with your customers and keeping track of your sales cycle. That's why we've designed a CRM platform that simplifies these processes and propels your business forward.

Key Features of Easyfish CRM:

  • Auto-Populate Contacts: With Easyfish, customers who reach out via your website automatically become contacts in your CRM, saving you time and ensuring you get all the leads. 

  • Manually Import Leads: Creating contacts for leads is very simple and takes seconds! Bring your pen-and-paper or Excel spreadsheet leads into a more organized model!

  • Conversations Dashboard: Communicate effortlessly. Our unique dashboard lets you send texts and emails to your customers directly, making interactions seamless and personal.

  • Review Acquisition & Reputation Monitoring: Build your brand with confidence. Our tools help you gather 5 star customer reviews and keep an eye on your online reputation, all within the same platform.

  • Automation & Workflows: Automate your success. Easyfish enables you to create custom workflows that keep your business running smoothly, from appointment reminders and past-due invoices to service updates.

Social Media Dashboard: Stay ahead in the digital realm. Track your social media posts created by the Easyfish Marketing team with our integrated dashboard, ensuring your business stays connected and engaged with your audience.

Why Choose Easyfish Marketing's CRM Solutions?

Designed for Small Businesses

We've tailored our CRM services specifically for small businesses and contractors, focusing on the tools and features that most matter to you. Easyfish empowers your company to maintain top-notch customer communication, streamline operations, and focus on growth.

Keep Up with Inbound Leads Effortlessly

Managing inbound leads has never been easier. Whether it's a message from your Google profile, a direct inquiry through your website's chat feature, or a form submission, Easyfish seamlessly consolidates all your leads into one accessible platform.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Transform how you connect with your customers and manage your sales processes. With Easyfish CRM Solutions, unlocking the full potential of your small business is not just a goal; it's a reality.

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